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Co-work, co-live and share your know-how

What is Permaworking?

Co-working, co-living and sharing your time, experience and knowledge with a group of like-minded people who has a positive and sustainable attitude towards life.

Who are we so far?

A group of digital/youth workers, nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs willing to work and share our time in a sunny coast location being immersed in the Spanish culture.

How did we start it?

Many of us decided to quit our regular jobs at some point in order to follow our life dreams by transforming our ideas into projects and new opportunities. Nowadays we work to live, not live to work.

Where and when is it happening next?


It was running from mid September until mid December 2016 in Gandia beach (east coast of Spain). We will be organising it again next year from September until December 2017! 🙂 So join us and keep updated!

Yeah but…How much does it cost?

This is the best part!
Our aim is not to make money but to find like-minded people to share our experiences and perhaps create some new projects together.
So it will not cost you more than a student rent! (with all bills included)

between 150 and 250 euros/month for a shared bedroom

beween 300 and 400 euros/month for a private one

For more information, please contact us at
follow us on our Facebook page here

Started by the project manager of the Spanish non-profit association Xeracion Valencia.